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We’re excited to announce that 60 tyres from the Continental passenger and 4×4 tyre ranges are now ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres!


The approved tyres come from 9 different Continental product lines in rim sizes from 14” to 22”. Over one third of the Continental product that has been ENERGYWISE approved are the only ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyre in their size which is great news for owners of high performance vehicles, with larger rims, that are looking for an ENERGYWISE approved tyre for their vehicle. There are also a number of other sizes where there is currently only one other product listed.


The EECA ENERGYWISE fuel efficiency approval mark gives consumers confidence that approved tyres meet the minimum criteria for fuel efficiency and wet braking performance. Continental continue to lead the way in safety and braking performance. Multiple tyres from Continental have achieved accolades in independent tyre tests around the world; the most recent being the ContiSportContact 5P winning Motor Magazine’s 2015 tyre test.


When Continental develop tyres, safety is the highest priority: short braking distance, good handling and reliable wet weather performance may not be sacrificed in order to reduce rolling resistance. Since the 1970’s Continental have been developing tyres that achieve their high standard of safety performance while reducing rolling resistance by a third.